Alder Springs Vineyard

In Mendocino County, California, USA

Donald Patz has worked with the grapes from Alder Springs Vineyard since 1997. He brought François Villard to the site in August 2017 and they immediately begged Stuart Bewley for Marsanne/Roussanne and Syrah.

The TERMINIM wines are equally an expression of the ongoing dialog between François and Donald regarding the complexities of the grapes and the making of the wines as well as the expression of this noble vineyard in the northern reaches of Mendocino County.

Donald, Stuart and François work closely together to find just the perfect spot on this sprawling hillside vineyard to achieve the goal of flavorful and refreshing wines. The grapes are meticulously tended by Stuart’s vineyard crew and hand harvested at night to preserve the grapes integrity and deliver them in the most pristine condition.

Alder Springs Vineyard is truly a unique outpost in the wilds of Mendocino.

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