Cépages d’Or – Marsanne | Roussanne

(Grapes of Gold)

This is a traditional Northern Rhône Valley styled blend of Marsanne and Roussanne grapes made using the techniques that collaborateur François Villard uses for his Domaine wines in France.

Meaning “Grapes of Gold” – is a white blend of Marsanne, Roussanne, Picpoul Blanc and Viognier. Depending upon the year this blend may vary somewhat but 54%, 22%, 12%, 12% respectively has been the blend in 2018 and 2019. Each grape adds to the overall complexity and delivers something important to the final wine. The goal is a white wine that echoes the characters of the great Rhône Valley whites but is distinctly California in nature. We prize great depth along with crispness and a refreshing character in our wines.